Zantiks units enable researchers to measure animal behaviour, simply. Based in the UK, Zantiks supplies researchers throughout the world with robust, versatile, easy-to-use equipment for behavioural studies. We develop our products in close collaboration with researchers and produce fully integrated and automated systems, at low cost, for multiple species. Our units are complete, networked systems which can be accessed and operated from any networked device (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc). They provide multiple stimuli options, including temperature control, vibration, lighting, audio, and food/liquid & odour delivery for maximum flexibility to the researcher. The compact units provide an isolated, consistent environment for standardised behavioural assays, including locomotor activity (toxicity, (opto)genetic, circadian), simple learning experiments (startle, habituation, PPI), and operant conditioning. Zantiks units are currently available in three sizes: MWP, AD and LT. Results from live video tracking are processed in real-time at 30-60 fps with data therefore immediately available for statistical analysis. The latest models (ZS2) can record and subsequently track video at up to 600 frames per second. The Zantiks MWP ZS2 is further suitable for high resolution filming. Zantiks units are used on 4 continents, 23 countries and over 80 labs worldwide, and their rigorously tested hardware works with many species, including (but not limited to!) Artemia (adult, nauplii), C.elegans, Daphnia (adult, neonate), Drosophila (adult, larvae), rodents (rats, mice) & zebrafish (adult, larvae, embryo).





Introducing flyGear: Revolutionizing Developmental Time Tracking

Experience the power of automation as the flyGear robot tirelessly measures developmental time, 24/7, with unmatched accuracy. Say goodbye to human errors and hello to precision as this small, robust, and scalable robot tracks larvae and pupae effortlessly, even in the dark. Embrace a new era of screening, where flyGear leads the way with its unparalleled efficiency. Join us at the conference and witness the future of research firsthand.





Vizgen is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of genomics, providing tools that demonstrate the possibilities of in situ single-cell spatial genomics, setting the standard for the spatial genomics field. These tools are enabling researchers to gain new insight into the biological systems that govern human health and disease with spatial context. The company’s MERSCOPE™ Platform enables massively multiplexed, genome-scale nucleic acid imaging with high accuracy and unrivaled detection efficiency at subcellular resolution. MERSCOPE provides transformative insight into a wide range of tissue-scale basic research and translational medicine in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious disease, developmental biology, cell and gene therapy, and is an essential tool for accelerating drug discovery and development.






EMBO is an organization of more than 1,900 leading researchers that promotes excellence in the life sciences in Europe and beyond. The major goals of the organization are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers, stimulate the exchange of scientific information, and help build a research environment where scientists can achieve their best work.





Union Biometrica COPAS FP™ and BioSorter® Large Particle Flow Cytometers automate the analysis and sorting of objects too big/fragile for traditional cytometers, e.g. large cells/clusters, cells in/on beads and small model organisms like Drosophila larvae (5-1500 micron diameter). The large bore fluidics and patented air sorting technology ensure optimal sample integrity and viability. The new COPAS VISION cytometer adds real-time capture of brightfield images for the convenient identification of objects. Object dispensing is done based on parameters like relative size, optical density, and fluorescence signals. The COPAS VISION combines high-sensitivity optics packaged in a smaller footprint sized for optional installation in a biosafety cabinet.






GenetiVision is the industry leader in Drosophila transgenesis. We have the most competitive pricing with the best guarantee. We provide injection only to full services (injection, selection, and balancing) for P-element and Phi-C31-mediated site-specific transgenesis as well as CRISPR modifications. Our team is highly experienced, serving the Drosophila community for almost two decades, injecting more than 30,000 DNAs for over 400 laboratories worldwide. We previously made a collection of >1,000 transgenic stocks carrying 80 kb BACs covering >90% of all autosomal genes. This collection is now available through the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. We are currently generating a collection of 2,800 Flippase-dependent conditional inactivation or reactivation alleles (so -called "flip-flop" alleles) for a large fraction of the conserved genes in Drosophila using existing CRIMIC lines and the RMCE method. We invite the Drosophila research community to nominate genes for conversion from CRIMIC to flipflop alleles. Such alleles will be generated and provided free of charge (other than shipping and a $20 handling fee). Please submit your nominations to info@genetivision.com and check out all our services at www.genetivision.com 






Our mission is to make science open so that scientists can collaborate better and innovate faster to deliver the solutions that enable healthy lives on a healthy planet. Frontiers in Cell Death is a multidisciplinary open-access journal that publishes rigorously peer-reviewed research spanning the fundamental, translational, and clinical aspects of cell death. We welcome research that enhances understanding and helps address the fundamental questions still remaining in the field such as true accidental cell death.









Located in beautiful California, RTF has been serving Drosophila fly research community since 2004. We provide micro-injection and transgenic fly services to fly labs. Our newly developed CRISPR cloning services give you opportunities to use our expertise to do different types of genome editing. Our high quality of services, competitive price and fast turn-around time make RTF an affordable and reliable resource for your research.





Company of biologistsTHE COMPANY OF BIOLOGISTS

The Company of Biologists is a not-for-profit publishing organisation dedicated to supporting and inspiring the biological community. We are run by distinguished practising scientists. We exist to profit science, not shareholders. We inspire new thinking and support the community of biologists. The focus of our activities is: publishing leading peer-reviewed journals facilitating scientific meetings and communities providing travel grants for young researchers supporting and funding research societies





Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries and new ideas, probably in that order.” Following Sydney Brenner quote, BFK aims at providing paradigm shift methodologies for labs. This includes hardware and software solutions. BFK already equips numerous labs around the world. We provide services whereby we work directly with researchers to answer their own unique scientific questions. We provide solutions from concept design to fabrication with extensive knowledge and skills in 3D design, 3D printing, ISO drawing and CNC machine design. We develop a wide range of mechanical system and complex electrical circuit. This includes manufacturing stimuli devices for sensory stimulation such as electro-shock, odour-delivery, light control, or mechanical stimulation. We also develop custom-made, user-friendly graphical interfaces for a wide range of data analysis including image segmentation, physiological data, and behavioural analysis. Finally, we offer plug-&-play ready-made fully automated behavioural units that enable high throughput experiments. This incorporates locomotor activity, sleep dynamics, arousal and habituation, epilepsy, heat-shock and electro-shock that are equipped with light control, including RGB optogenetic control. In combination within this hardware, we have also developed software that facilitates the tracking of multiple objects simultaneously while retaining individuality. BFK will offer you the means for your future scientific discoveries.






INJECT+MATIC Sàrl is a company based in Geneva (Switzerland). For more than 30 years, INJECT+MATIC has created, developed and commercialized products designed for scientific research following specific requests from researchers and corresponding to their needs with easy-to-use technology. Our main objective has been to find reliable technical solutions to build devices for researchers, to simplify the work with new tools and to fight against obsolescence. Our company has been a pioneer in instruments for Drosophila anaesthesia including equipment without external source of gas and designed for the laboratories not equipped with CO2 installation and for teaching.






Publishing cutting-edge research from across the spectrum of animal and plant development and with a clear focus on stem cells, Development is the leading community journal in developmental biology. As well as primary research, it publishes a diverse array of review and hypothesis articles from across the field. Development strives to foster and support the members and the research of the developmental community.




Vienna Drosophila Research Center


The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (www.vdrc.at), part of Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities, is a non-profit bioresource promoting scientific discoveries in Drosophila. We maintain over 30,000 transgenic fly stocks and have been distributing them to the Drosophila research community worldwide since 2007. Additional services include private stock keeping, fly extract and fly food.






WellGenetics is dedicated to providing researchers professional services in generating transgenes and gene knockout/knockin in Drosophila and other close insect species. Our team are composed of experts in molecular biology and in microinjection for generating variety of genetic tools, such as gene deletion, point mutation, gene reporters, tag knockin and RMCE knockin with/without selection marker to level-up your research quality.






The French Society of Genetics is a private law association that brings together researchers, teacher-researchers, teachers, practitioners and, more generally, anyone interested in genetics in any of the many aspects in which this scientific discipline develops or is applied. The roles of the Society are to promote Genetics, to stimulate interactions between French-speaking geneticists and with their foreign colleagues, to help young people who wish to dedicate themselves to a career in which Genetics will be present, and to represent French-speaking geneticists at the national and international levels. Among the actions implemented to achieve this goal, the French Society of Genetics organizes or supports symposia on various topics, awards prizes and travel grants to PhD students.






Personal Disease Models & Mechanisms (DMM) is an Open Access biomedical research journal advancing novel insight into the mechanism, diagnosis and therapy of human disease. DMM is committed to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in disease biology that has significant translational impact at the interface of basic and clinical science. Our content is freely available to our communities of basic and clinical researchers, health professionals, patients and their advocates and families. DMM is interdisciplinary in scope, and covers a diverse range of diseases. We also publish cutting-edge techniques and resources that advance the disease biology field. DMM is led by an international team of expert research-active Editors, including Editor-in-Chief Liz Patton and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elaine Mardis, and supported by an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board.





The French Society for Cell Biology is gathering more than 200 members representing more than 350 laboratories in France and aboad. It promotes cell biology research and education. It provides support as travel grants and prizes. The registration is free, so don’t hesitate to register online. All this is possible because the society owns a journal that is Biology of the Cell (together with the society of microscopies).






CEM designs and develops laboratory instrumentation and scientific methods that are used by prestigious research institutes, and universities around the world. The InsituPro (formerly Intavis) represents more than 20 years of experience in automating in situ hybridization and immunostainings on a wide range of organisms and tissues, including Drosophila and other insects. It can process whole mounts, vibratome sections, thin sections on slides and cells on coverslips. The open system runs with standard lab buffers, allowing the adaptation of any manual protocol or kit without additional running costs.





FlyBase is the primary knowledge base for the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, relied upon by fly researchers all over the world. FlyBase curates and organizes biological data from the published literature, provides the D. melanogaster reference genome annotation, and integrates these with additional data/links from other relevant resources. All of this is made freely available via our website, which includes a number of powerful search, display and analysis tools. FlyBase data are also made available via downloadable bulk files and API endpoints.





The École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is a French public Higher Education institution that prepares students for careers in the fields of higher education, Research and innovation. Students can acquire a wide range of skills and follow custom-made study schemes thanks to personalized and internationally oriented programs. Students share their time between courses and Research in Sciences and Humanities. Following the original ENS de Fontenay-Saint-Cloud tradition which was founded in 1880, the ENS de Lyon is also dedicated to pedagogical Research. A symbol of the French meritocracy, the ENS de Lyon is more than ever committed to disseminating knowledge to as many people as possible and to promoting equal opportunity.





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