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Dear colleagues,

We are thrilled to welcome the Drosophila community in Lyon at the EDRC2023 (Oct 20-23).


The organizing committee has selected the first 5 workshops for EDRC2023: 

  • The Ageing workshop (Organizers: Helena Cochemé and Gilles Storelli)
  • The Cancer Models workshop (Organizers: Allison Bardin and Renata Basto)
  • The Gut workshop (Organizers: Julia Cordera and Irene Miguel-Aliaga)
  • The Innovative Imaging and Quantitative Image Analysis workshop (Organizers: Frank Schnorrer and Pavel Tomancak)
  • The Sex workshop (Organizers: Elizabeth Rideout, Jenny Regan and Bruno Hudry)

The WS will take place on Friday (Oct 20th) early afternoon in parallel (1-3.15pm and 3, 3.30-5.45pm) ahead of the opening session (6pm).

The 6th workshop will be confirmed by the end of May 2023.


Looking forward to welcoming you at the upcoming EDRC in Lyon !

Best regards, 

The EDRC2023 Organizing Committee

(F.Leulier, Y. Ghavi-Helm, M. Grammont, J. Enriquez, B.Mollereau, B.Loppin, S.Merabet)

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